For the past 20 or so years, Arcadia University has depended on Delran Builders to assist with the design, construction and outfitting of not only our most important signature buildings, but many smaller and equally difficult and complex projects on Campus. When one considers the award winning Landman Library, the equally impressive Brubaker / Easton Halls with their award winning water feature, or our most recently constructed University Commons, Delran Builders played a critical and prominent role insuring that our precious University dollars had been wisely, carefully and thoughtfully spent to great effect. High quality craftsmanship, management and exceptional results are the end product of their many years of labor here at Arcadia.        

There is simply no way I can fully describe, in a short amount of space, the many positive contributions Delran and its folks have made to the betterment of this University. They have been more than partners; they have become stakeholders in our success. Many of their personnel have worked on our Campus for many years, so much so that they have become well known, well liked, and respected by the Campus Community. I think that being considered (fondly) a full member of the Arcadia Family says the most about their long lasting legacy at this institution.