Delran recently had a company wide lunch to celebrate some substantial milestones!

We would like to recognize everyone in the firm for their dedication and hard work in allowing us to reach the accomplishment of having Three Years with NO Lost Time Injuries.  Everyone on the team plays a role in safety and we couldn’t be more proud of this milestone.

We also took the time to celebrate some individual milestones:

Celebrating 5 Years

Chad, Drew, Vince, Steve P, Dylan

Celebrating 10 Years

Mike L, Eardell

Celebrating 15 Years

Chari, Dan H, Colleen, Brian L, Chris B, Mike B, Joe T

Celebrating 20 Years

Gary, Sue, Chuck

Celebrating 25 Years

Joe M, Brian B, Dan U

Celebrating 30 Years

Chris, Mary, Mark

Celebrating 35 Years

Bert, John B, Bill J, Steve H, Jeff,  Glen S

All of the above embody what Delran strives for in a firm: Safety, Quality & Pride!  The fact that we retain our employees (family) is a testament to these virtues.